Creaglass is a high-performance single-pass Drop-On-Demand digital inkjet printing device that offers important applicative solutions with glass for the automotive, white goods, architecture and construction sectors.

The new System Digital-brand technology is a significant step forward for the glass supply chain, finding a very strong ally in this high-potential digital technology that enables a completely new print quality as well as numerous other advantages. First of all, it guarantees high productivity, thanks to the Single-Pass printing mechanism, new in the context of printing on glass, which makes it possible to work in double or even quadruple rows, in a rapid continuous cycle, also printing different products in terms of shape, dimensions or inclination.


High-definition print heads, cutting-edge electronics and full-view vision set-up

A consistently sharp and precise printing is guaranteed by another component of excellence: the extremely high-resolution SG777 print head. Managed by new-generation hydraulic, electronic, mechanical and algorithm control technologies, every head houses rows of parallel, staggered and angularly arranged nozzles. With regards to its computing power, Creaglass is equipped with the CoreXpress platform, developed internally by the System Electronics business unit. CoreXpress is the processing unit that supervises all the operations to be carried out in order to reproduce the image on the surface. Here we have a latest-generation processor that can make use of a fast and immediately available memory.



Integrated vision and self-adjustment system

Creavision is the integrated vision system that controls the position of the glass sheet on the roller to ensure the correct positioning of the graphic image on the substrate to be printed.

Creavison’s sophisticated cameras reveal the exact position of the glass, according to the x; y; α (angle) parameters, and analyze and transmit the data to the digital printer which, in real time, performs a “rototranslation” of the design on the glass sheet before printing.

The perfect centering of the graphics combined with greater drop accuracy thanks to the new 777 dpi heads, allows for perfect coverage of the edges with improved saving of ink and less wasted product.

Why choose Creaglass

Creaglass offers great potential:

  • possibility of using any type of temperable ceramic ink that complies with the latest safety regulations for health and the environment;
  • automatic and immediate format changes;
  • high productivity and maximum single-pass printing speed (1 glass sheet per second);
  • high definition (777 dpi) and greater repeatability
    in printing;
  • possibility of producing small batches;
  • elimination of printing screens;
  • edge-to-edge printing;
  • double or quadruple row printing;
  • integrated vision system.

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