The new generation of digital printing

From the rich heritage of knowledge and skills that System Ceramics has developed in the field of digital ceramic decoration, System Digital is born, the business unit exclusively dedicated to digital printing applications on glass and extra-ceramic materials.

It's Creaglass the innovative technology set up by System Digital, a high-performance single-pass drop-on-demand inkjet digital printing that offers important applicative solutions in the field of glass for architecture and constructions, automotive, household appliances and means of transport.


A modular and flexible technology

The innovative Creaglass system is composed of 2,5 m modules, corresponding to different phases of the printing process. Each module can be configured and implemented at any time according to production and space requirements.
Besides its modularity, this new technology is also characterized by extreme flexibility. In fact, it allows you to print, simultaneously in double or quadruple rows, any type of graphic file on glass of different shapes, sizes and inclinations.


The Creaglass printing process



The glass sheet is introduced into the printing process through a roller conveyor.


The sheet is transported into the heater where the surface temperature reaches the level suitable for printing.

Image Scan

Once necessary temperature is reached, the glass is scanned by Creavision, the vision system that identifies the exact position and communicates the coordinates to the printer.

Digital Printing

On the basis of the correct coordinates of glass sheet, the Creadigit nozzles are activated for high-definition printing.


After printing, the ink is set and dried on the glass sheet.


Once printing is complete, the glass sheet is ready for tempering and is positioned on a roller exiting the machine.


Integrated vision and self-adjustment system

Creavision is the integrated vision system that controls the position of the glass sheet on the roller to ensure the correct positioning of the graphic image on the substrate to be printed.

Creavison’s sophisticated cameras reveal the exact position of the glass, according to the x; y; α (angle) parameters, and analyze and transmit the data to the digital printer which, in real time, performs a “rototranslation” of the design on the glass sheet before printing.

The perfect centering of the graphics combined with greater drop accuracy thanks to the new 777 dpi heads, allows for perfect coverage of the edges with improved saving of ink and less wasted product.

Why choose Creaglass

Creaglass offers great potential:

  • possibility of using any type of temperable ceramic ink that complies with the latest safety regulations for health and the environment;
  • automatic and immediate format changes;
  • high productivity and maximum single-pass printing speed (1 glass sheet per second);
  • high definition (777 dpi) and greater repeatability
    in printing;
  • possibility of producing small batches;
  • elimination of printing screens;
  • edge-to-edge printing;
  • double or quadruple row printing;
  • integrated vision system.

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